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The future of cutting! Affordable, highly accurate cutting of almost any material.​

Waterjet cutting takes an electronic drawing or CAD file and cuts out the desired shape by means of high pressure water (up to 90,000 psi) and sand.

It can cut almost any material (up to 125mm thick), there is no heat involved, it is highly accurate and has a multitude of cut finishes depending on the quality needed for your job.

Normal tolerance is +/- 0.25mm or better depending on quality needed.

Experience has shown big savings can be made if you need an intricate part but don't need it to be machined. Waterjet cut parts are of a very high quality and are commonly accepted as finished items.

In 2014 our brand new waterjet cutting technology centre opened & helped us establish ourselves as a leading figure in the waterjet cutting industry. We cut our components at a higher standard quality and yet still keep our prices low compared to our competitors. We also offer secondary processes that keeps us ahead of the rest such as edge rounding.

Waterjet cutting is a black art with temperamental machines that are tricky to use. Our staff have been trained in great depth with over 25 years experience between them.​


Much better quality than laser cutting and no work hardening

of the material meaning parts are easier to machine afterwards.


For more info please visit our waterjet website.

New Waterjet Cutting Centre

On the right our brand new dedicated waterjet cutting centre opposite our exisiting stockholding building. After 7 years waterjetting we knew the time was right to expand, purchase more machines and get material out the door to our customers sooner. Now with room for expansion exciting times lay ahead for us to continue pushing ourselves to become the go to waterjet cutter in the UK.

Edge Rounding / De-burring
As the above image demonstrates we now have a state of the art machine that edge rounds / de-burrs waterjet cut components to eliminate any sharp edges. It is a much less abrasive process than a rumbler and takes just seconds for each part to go throught the machine. Any material can go through and is especially useful if the part is to be painted afterwards as it will have a key surface to adhere to.

New Micro Waterjet Service

Since July 2014 we now have the ability to cut micro waterjet parts. Perfect for very small components or when tolerance is extremely critical. Using a tiny 0.3mm nozzle we have already put this new technology to good use and are now able to cut materials previously impossible to waterjet cut such as delicate laminates for gaskets.

Careful planning

We take pride in our facilities and welcome people in to see what we can offer. The new building took over 2 years to plan and build and has everything we need to improve our services. This includes 5 of the best machines available, dedicated drawing office, IT room to keep our drawing files safe, meeting room, reception and a large canteen for our staff.

This gives you an idea of our normal cut quality options. Here you can see aluminium as it is our most popular material but is very similar on all other materials. We can also supply free samples with different cut qualities so you can see them with your own eyes and choose the right finish for your job.

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