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2d Part Scanning - Reverse Engineering


Our laser scanning machine is a brand new service we can offer which will scan any part up to 1200 x 1200mm in any material or thickness. Within seconds it produces a perfect copy of the part in CAD ready to cut on our waterjet machines. No longer do you need a drawing for an old part.


Reverse Engineering. We can now produce a like for like waterjet cut part even if you don't have an electronic drawing but have a template or existing part to scan. We can then waterjet cut the new part out or for a small cost send you an electronic cad drawing of the part for your own use if you don't require the part to be waterjet cut.


Time saving. Much quicker than the old inaccurate way of drawing parts up by using protractors and rulers meaning a faster turn around & more accurate components. It will scan any material & produce a drawing in seconds.


Quality Control. We can also use the machine for quality control by scanning components cut against a CAD drawing to find any holes or slots which are missing or if anything is out of tolerance. We can even print or email reports.

Feel free to ask for a demonstration of the machine to get more of an idea of what it can do. If you spend hours drawing up 2d parts or components with at least one flat side then our machine will produce a perfectly accurate dxf in seconds.

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