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Edge Rounding / De-burring


Our new edge rounding / de-burring machine is fantastic at improving an already good waterjet cut component. It uses an oscillating motion to flick brushes lightly on the parts which enables it to smooth out all burrs & sharp edges.


It is a very quick, cost effective process & creates a uniformed rad around the entire component. It even smooths inside holes & slots.



Benefits of the machine...


Health & Safety. By eliminating any sharp edges or burrs your parts are as safe as they can be, no more cut fingers.


Time saving. Much quicker and more uniformed than the old fashioned way of having manual workers de-burr by hand.


Any material. With waterjet cutting able to cut a huge selection of materials it was crucial we got a machine that could do the same. Works great on metals & plastics.


Painting. By creating a rad on all edges it helps ready a part for paint and gives a much better edge / surface for the paint to adhere to. Also helps with anodising & galvanising.


Appearance. A part that has been cut by our waterjet machines and gone through our edge rounder is almost at machined quality but at an affordable price.

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