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In a fiercely competitive world, businesses everywhere are striving for greater productivity, reduced costs and higher profitability. Engineers and buyers are under increasing pressure to meet ever more challenging targets and to buy materials more competitively within tightly controlled budgets. We constantly review the popularity of materials we stock to hopefully have the right material available ready for your job.

We stock:

Aluminium - Plate (inc. Tread Plates), Round & Square Bar, Extrusions - Angles, Flats, Tubing, Fittings, Hexagons, Tees, Channels, Specials.

Aluminium Bronze - Tubing, Round, Square, Rectangular Bar & Plate.

Brass - Round Bar, Sheet & Shim, Extrusions - Angles, Flats, Hexagons, Squares, Strip in Coil & Tubing.

Bronze - Tubing, Round, Square & Rectangular Bar, Plate, Castings.

Copper - Round & Square Bar, HD/HC Flats, Plate & Tubes.

Stainless Steel - Round Bar, Sheet, Plate (inc. Tread Plates) & Shim, Extrusions - Angles, Flats, Hexagons, Squares, Tubing, Pipe & Fittings.

Miscellaneous - Chrome Tubing & Fittings, Elkanite, Zinc, Titanium, Copper Nickel. Anything in metal! Always worth trying us. Please ring for sizes.

Please call for specific sizes, info, availability & pricing.

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