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We believe that to maintain the highest standards of product quality and service it is imperative to maintain full control over key processes.

Cutting, for example, is a vital area. That's why, over the years, we have invested substantially, yet shrewdly, in the very latest cutting technology. Today Locate Supplies Ltd is completely self-sufficient with a cutting capability that is second to none.

Whatever your requirements we have the most accurate saws in the world ready to complete your job in the quickest time possible.


For the precision cutting of plate.


For the precision cutting of bars.

Cutting plate is a large section of our business. We will be cutting Aluminium in 5083, 6082 and tooling plate on a daily basis. This volume of work meant we needed a few different plate saws so that whilst one is cutting Aluminium plate another can be hard at work cutting Bronze or Brass. Our latest addition shown in the picture above is a state of the art Mayer that is capable of cutting up to 10" thick Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze and all plastics to a level of accuracy of +/- 0.2mm. Not only this but it is the speed of the cut that helps us maintain the fast delivery of our products to you.


With over 10 band saws we have the capacity to keep our delivery promises. Over the years we have trailed different makes and have decided it is best to have a few of each as different machines are better and worse at different jobs. It is this experience that makes us different from our competition. We aren't just thinking about rushing your job through but instead thinking which saw is the right cut for your job. It is this mentality that is drilled into each member of staff to maintain our reputation for quality materials. With the ability to cut over night our band saws are a key part of our business and always will be.



For the precision cutting of plate.



For the precision cutting of plate.

The future of cutting! ------- If you can draw it, we can cut it!

Cheaper than machining a component from scratch and of much better quality than laser or plasma. Waterjet cut parts are also commonly accepted as finished items with different cut qualities available. We can cut any material up to 140mm thick and accept plate sizes as large as 4 metres by 2 metres.

If you haven't got a CAD drawing then don't worry we have a large drawing office in house with the ability to draw up your paper drawing or sample part.

We have 4 twin head machines and 5 pumps to get parts to your door quicker.


A couple of years ago we saw the need for a hand held plasma cutter. This gives us the ability to cut out rough rectangles from plate such as mild or stainless steel. Perfect for those rush jobs or when waterjet cutting is a little too expensive for the task. Phone us now for a quick quote.

If you need rings or discs and want something that is between the cost and quality of plasma and waterjetting then why not let us band saw your job. This is skilled work we have done successfully for over 20 years now. 

We also accept any free issue cutting job on any of our cutting machines.


Don't forget we also provide a free issue cutting service on all our machines!

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